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Bournemouth plans for the future

On Wednesday March 17th Bournemouth Canine Association held its Annual General Meeting at Blandford Forum.

The Chairman Mick Howes in his report advised the members present that despite all avenues being explored, BCA had lost its appeal to hold its show at West Holme and cancelled its intention to purchase the land. He said this was a shame because with it came stability and security for the club. He said we must learn from this experience and move on.

He then reported on the poor state of the ground at The New Forest Agricultural site following their Annual Show, this was due to the heavy rain experienced during the last two days of their event. With only an eight-day turn around it was very difficult to get the showground into good condition. The New Forest ground staff were tired and quite reasonably wanted time off, this caused a few problems, which were easily rectified.

The members were then advised that following the retirement of farmer John Korbey, his land had become available to the New Forest A.S. Although there may be the possibility that BCA may not be able to use the same site within their grounds in future years (due to the two shows following so closely together). The New Forest Show have however assured us that a suitable site within the grounds would be allocated for BCA and there is no fear that we would have to re-locate.

The Chairman then confirmed that BCA were looking at other sites in the locality but as yet nothing had been found to be suitable. In the long term Bournemouth hope to find new grounds to purchase. This will not be hurried, but carefully considered. The Chairman asked any member who knew of such a site to contact the Secretary.