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Canine Constables on parade

A new batch of Merseyside Police recruits were ready to pass out as ready for duty on Tuesday 30th March. All of the new recruits are of the four legged variety, and for one in particular it has been a real life saving experience.

Blade, a 14 month old German Shepherd was living on the streets of Birkenhead not so long ago, where he was picked up by wardens. Dave Holden Wirral Council’s Senior Dog Warden, spotted his potential and called Merseyside Police’s dog section. He said “Wirral kennels have a fantastic record of rehousing dogs, we consider each dog that comes to us, and find the vast majority of them suitable new homes. Blade was obviously full of energy, and we have always had a good relationship with the dog section of Merseyside Police, and thought that together they would make a perfect match.”

Blade, along with fellow recruits, Charlie, Tyler, Dylan and Shadow, was recognised during a ceremony at the dog section school, in Mather Avenue during which they showed off their skills to an audience of senior officers, previous owners and their new families. After the demonstration, certificates were presented to the handlers by Cllr Rose Bailey, a member of Merseyside Police Authority

Blade will be on duty as an area dog in Liverpool North, with handler Constable Mike Rimington. Blade will become Mike’s partner, working with him and living with Mike and his family. Mike said: “Blade is a fantastic dog, he has really taken to police work, and I am so glad that he was spotted and brought to us. When you are working with the dogs you build up a real relationship with them, you get to know each other really well, and Blade is a dog that I, and whoever we are working with, has to be able to trust implicitly.

“Blade comes home with me when we are off duty, so I have to be able to trust him with my family too. We have a lot of nieces and nephews who often visit, Blade is great with children, and they love playing with him.” Merseyside Police is always looking for new dogs for their training programme, if you know of a dog that you think may be suitable, please contact the training office at Mather Avenue on 0151 777 8785.