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Many happy returns to OUR DOGS subscribers
from Missing Pets Bureau

The Missing Pets Bureau, one of the country’s major pet reunification organisations, has joined forces with Our Dogs to offer all Our Dogs subscribers a year’s FREE membership to Petback Protect - a unique national pet registration, identification and membership scheme.

In this issue of Our Dogs subscribers will find a FREE Petback Protect pack, for either adult dogs or puppies. The pack offers multiple benefits and includes: a quality pet ID tag with a unique membership number, ID card, direct link to the Petback 24/7 emergency service operational for 365 days of the year plus, if the worst should happen, expert advice and support from the organisation’s care hotline. The pet owners details are stored in a comprehensive pet data file so if a dog is lost or stolen Petback Protect can link the ID number on the tag directly to the owner.

Says Rupert Honywood, Managing Director, Missing Pets Bureau, ‘A staggering 4,800 dogs and cats and around 900 puppies are lost or stolen each week. Pet loss can be totally traumatic for the owner hence it’s vital we really encourage people to maximise their pet’s security. Our special offer with Our Dogs will help us actively re-enforce the message to all dog owners, breeders and kennel owners that all breeds are vulnerable to theft particularly pedigree breeds. The FREE Petback Protect packs are also available for breeders to distribute to new puppy owners. Please call the Missing Pets Bureau on 0870 1999 000 to find out more.