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Canaan Dog goes BIS at all breed open show

On Sunday 28th March at Retford Canine Society Open Show, Canaan Dog Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna (Simi) was awarded best in show by FCI and International Judge Mr Vladimir Urazhevski. It is only the third time in history of the breed in this country that such a win has happened at a general open show.

There were 843 dogs entered for 1098 entries overall so it was a huge achievement for the Canaan Dog.

"It was the first time that the society had scheduled the show on the group system" said society secretary Mrs Anne Hardy. Simi's owner Lorna Hastings was delighted with the win as were his breeders Ivan Kaye and Alison Byrne.

"This is another award towards Simi's list of accolades. In 2003 he gained World Winner 2003, Bundessegier 2003 titles and Best In Show at the Breed Club Show 2003 plus 3 CACIB's, and a number of BOB's last year to mention a few.

The previous week it was announced at the Canaan Dog Club of UK's AGM that he was the Club's overall TOP WINNING Canaan Dog for 2003. So all in all he has had a great time of it" says Lorna "I went to the show on Sunday with no idea of the result I was to have that day. You can only hope to do well and I was happy to win Best AVNSC Utility under Bob Brampton, I was completely surprised when I was awarded Utility Group One by Dr Geoffrey Curr but then to win BEST IN SHOW what can I say except I was ecstatic. I had a great day out".