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Marko Medar
– a tribute to a great man

No doubt many readers will have heard the name of one Croatian dog man at least, since he has been the driving force behind all that is good on the present day dog scene in Croatia.

His name was Marko Medar, a very strong personality, and a highly respected canine authority at the Croatian Kennel Club. He was the President from 1990 onwards. A man with a great passion for dogdom, and an especially passionate proponent in the fight for the recognition of Croatia’s national breeds. He made many friends, not only in his own country, but all around the world, was a respected all round judge, and organizer of the modern dog scene in Croatia. He was not always well understood as, like so many of those who have a deep and enduring passion and devotion, he sometimes became very emotional. All who knew him well though knew that he was a man who cared very deeply, not only for his country, but for our dogs, and in particular for those breeds whose origins and development were firmly rooted in the history of this his homeland.

He was the driving force behind all the good shows that we now have in Croatia. His passion for dogdom made him a great leader and organiser, and he naturally drew all like minded people to his side. He led by example, and recognized the gifts and abilities of others, and had the organisational ability to mould them into an extremely competent and hard working team. His single minded devotion to the five Croatian national breeds made him a power to be reckoned with in all discussions as to their origins. He was completely uncompromising on this subject, and it is largely to his credit that these breeds are now recognised as being Croatian in origin by no less a body than the FCI.

He was equally determined that Croatia’s position in the world of European dog shows, should be at the forefront, and placed on an equal footing with those who govern and co-ordinate the welfare of dogdom throughout the world. He was not afraid to express his feelings on a subject that he cared about, and developed strong and positive links with the FCI over many years.

At the age of 59, he still had a great deal to offer to the world of dogs and was extremely happy about, and was looking forward to the year 2,007 when our country will host the pretigious European show, - one of his biggest victories! Unfortunately, all the stress and passion proved too much for his heart and in a single day he was gone. It still seems quite unbelievable that he is no longer with us. So many of us attended the funeral of this great man. It was a huge event, and it was not only his Croatian friends who were present. many of his friends and colleagues from numerous kennel clubs around the world were present too. He will be sorely missed.

Ante Lucin