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The East Anglian Super Match

T’was the week before Crufts and the whole world was sleeping . . . except in St Ives, Cambridgeshire where the East Anglian supermatch was being held.

Run by Huntingdonshire Canine society, and sponsored very kindly this year by Purina Pro-Plan, the charity match consists of the Best in show winners and Best puppy in show winners from regional participating canine societies, all competing for top honours.

Judges for the event were Mrs. Ann Arch, Mr. Derek Smith and Mr. Roy Metcalfe (who kindly stepped in on behalf of Mrs. Dagmar Kenis-Pordham who was taken ill just days before the match).

With 32 puppies and 32 adults to judge, the rounds were split between the judges and with the assistance of excellent organisation and efficient stewards, the match was run very smoothly and efficiently, which proved to be beneficial both to the judges, handlers, spectators and especially the dogs.

The puppy match was judged first, with Ann Arch and Roy Metcalfe judging the first three rounds, leaving Derek Smith with an excellent quadruplet from which to select Best Puppy in match.

The four finalists were: the pug Cedilla Just for mummy owned by Mrs. J Mitchell and bred by Miss Sarah Mitchell, the German wirehaired pointer, Gavic back to Back owned by Mrs. J Clarke and bred by Mr. P Robinson, the Leonberger, Stormchasers Zhivago’s Love JW owned and bred by Lynette Hodge and the Dobermann Lockstock Knight Star owned by Mr. S Andrews and bred by Mr. & Mrs. Johnson.

With the final cut over the winner was announced as number 13 (obviously not unlucky for some!) the Leonberger Stormchasers Zhivago’s Love JW known to her many supporters as Flame.

Flame, who is only 17 months old qualified at Bury St Edmunds where she not only won Best Puppy in show, she also won Reserve Best in show. She is the first Leonberger bitch to win her Junior Warrant, has four best puppy in show awards under her belt and won Best puppy in breed at ten consecutive Championship shows.

She completed 2003 by winning the Res CC at LKA in December.

Reserve Best Puppy in match was awarded to the German wirehaired pointer Gavic Back To Back, who can boast a Reserve Best Puppy in Show at the GWP club open show amongst his many achievements.

Next was the adult competition with Derek Smith and Roy Metcalfe sharing the first three rounds, leaving Ann Arch the unenviable task of selecting from four obviously top class dogs.


The four adult finalists were the Australian Shepherd Yulia Eveready Dandy of Abodandy SH CM, owned by Jaqui O’Brien and bred by Mrs. & Miss Hall, The American Cocker Spaniel Sundust Sandman JW owned by A English, J Price and D Megabach and bred by Y Knapper-Weijland, the Chow Zhukon Prim N Proper of Tsuni SH CM owned by Miss G Claxton and bred by G & B Robinson, and the Miniature Poodle Myhaven Just so Fancy owned and bred by S P & J L Warnes. With the final cut over and just two dogs to choose from, the East Anglian supermatch winner was announced as the Chow Zhukon Prim N Proper of Tsuni ShCM
Prim also qualified at Bury St Edmunds and despite having had a break from the show ring whilst she acquired some coat, she has won two Best in Shows at Open shows, Best In show at the Breed club Open show and twice reserve best in show at breed club open shows. All this and she is not even four!

Reserve went to the Australian Shepherd dog Yulia Eveready Dandy of Abodandy ShCM.
Another young dog aged only three, but again has many wins to his name. (And he should surely win an award for how high he can jump!)

With the match over the presentations were made, with wonderful donations given from Purina pro-plan, sashes from Dezyna dogs and gifts from Huntingdonshire canine society for the judges.

A special presentation was also made for Ann Arch who celebrates a special birthday later this year!

Dinner was enjoyed by all, and with the speeches completed the dancing begun. A great way to relax prior to crufts, with even the Rogerson’s young Siberian Nosregor Tokata Tin strutting his stuff on the dance floor.

With the raffle alone raising £885 I am sure this year’s beneficiaries "The Animal Health Trust", will be able to use the proceeds towards their consistent work improving the health and welfare of companion animals.

This year’s event organisers Avril Lacey and Stan Szyewski did a tremendous job co-ordinating the event and heres to 2005 (hic!).

Hannah Thompson

The East Anglian Super Match was hosted by Huntingdonshire C.S. on February 28th 2004. It was a superbly organised event, with so many willing and cheerful helpers, ensuring that everyone had an enjoyable afternoon, ending with a gigantic Raffle, lucky ticket draw, and a well presented Dinner. Leading the workers were Avril Lacey and Stan Szyczewski, and they received a well deserved round of applause for their input.

My two co-judges Roy Metcalfe and Derek Smith were equally impressed with the event and the very high quality of the competitors. I feel it would be hard to mention a few and not all, so confine my remarks to generalisation! The presentation wasy superb in all, there was not one single exhibit that was in any way out of condition or soiled. Temperaments were super, with a few of the puppies having a really exhillerating time! With a good sized green carpeted ring, there was ample room for all to settle and move with ease, so nobody was penalised by lack of space. I did the first three rounds of 16 puppies, sending forward for the quarter finals Cedilla Just For Mummy (Pug), Kjalarnes Get Lucky for Dearchary (Newfoundland), Pipeaway Kool Gold at Caleta JW (Pointer), and Gavic Back To Back (german Wire Haired Pointer), who ended up reserve to the the Puppy winner, the Leonberger Stormchaser Shivago’s Love JW.

Roy and Derek had the adult early rounds, leaving me to do the finals. The Australian Shepherd Yulia EvereadyDandy of Abodandy went over Sundust Sandman JW the American Cocker in the quarter finals, whilst Zhukon Prim ‘N’ Proper of Tsuni the Chow Chow beat Myhaven Just So Fancy, the Miniature Poodle.

for the final award the competing pair really showed at their best. The sound and strong action of the Australian Shepherd really made good use of the excellent ring. The Chow Chow was exceedingly well balanced, and moved with great ease, and so true both coming and going, and to her went the final place.

Purina Pro-Plan supported the event very generously with engraved glassware for the winners and runners-up, presented on their behalf by Heidi Megicks. The judges were presented with momento glassware, and in addition, to my great surprise was a very lovely huge boquet of flowers - a few months early, but a super “in your 70th Year” Birthday acknowlegement!

The profits from this event are to go to the Animal Health Trust, who were represented by Dr Keith Barnett.

With such a memorable event, surely the question to be asked will be “What date is next year’s?”!

Ann Arch


It was a great pleasure to judge this quality prestigious event. Organiser Avril Lacey and her team had done a sterling job. The room was just breath taking; and assisted by our compères for the event, Bernard and Rosemary Hall, everything ran like clockwork.
Co- judges Ann Arch and Roy Metcalfe and, myself had some lovely dogs to judge and competition was keen. We all hope Dagmar Kenis-Pordham is feeling better.

From a quality array of puppies, best puppy in match was Stormchaser Zhivagos Love, all quality Leonberger shown in beautiful condition, and really looked the part. Runner up to her was Gavic Back To Back, a German Wire Haired Pointer, only a baby, but full of promise.

Winner of the Super match was Zhukon Prim And Proper Of Tsuni, an ultra sound Chow Chow, who was a popular winner, and runner up to her the Australian Shepherd Yulia Eveready Dandy of Abodandy.

The dog judging over, we all enjoyed a fabulous raffle and, for those with the energy left, dancing until you dropped.

Derek Smith


On friday the 27th of February I received a call from Avril Lacey asking if I would be available to judge at the East Anglian Supermatch the following day as one of the judges, Mrs Dagmar Kenis Pordham was unwell and could not attend, short notice, but as I had one of those unusual free weekends I said that I would be happy to stand in for her.

The event was superb. It was sponsored for the first time by Pro-Plan with Bernard Hall and Rosemary acting as comperes for the event in their usual professional manner. First class organisation in the wonderful function suite of a large sports centre with everyone dressed for the occasion created such a special atmosphere. The dogs were excellent and many of the decisions were difficult as they can be in judging matches. best Puppy of the evening was the Leonberger Stormchaser Zhivago’s Love JW. owned by Lynnette Hodge, and the best adult was the Chow Chow Zhukon Prim N Proper of Tsuni owned by Gillian Claxton. The three judges Mrs Ann Arch, Mr Derek Smith and myself were all pleased both with the overall quality of the exhibits and the final results.

After the matches 32 puppies and 32 adults, 250 people sat down to an excellent four course meal with first class service. After the meal there was a terrific raffle raising a lot of money. This year for the first time the profits were going to the Animal Health trust, who I am sure will be delighted with the results of the event. When we left at 11.00 p.m. the disco was in full swing with a crowded floor of supporters obviously enjoying the night.

To the officials and committee of the Huntingdonshire Canine Society many congratulations on the event, and my personal thanks to Avril and Stan for the invitation to judge. I would like to take this opportunity to wish Mrs Dagmar Kenis Pordham a very speedy recovery.

Roy metcalfe