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Saving our oldest established breeds

REPRESENTATIVES FROM the Kennel Club have called on the Government to save the bulldog in face of proposed Government legislation on breeding.

Members are being called to help the organisation meet its objective to promote health improvement in all breeds, according to an article in the Veterinary Times, 15th April issue.

The Government’s own Animal Welfare Bill, as well as the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals, has led the Kennel Club to predict legislation which could, according to a press statement, ‘adversely affect some of our long established breeds.’

A joint study by the Kennel Club and the BSAVA scientific committee sought to tighten breed standards to safeguard health and welfare and avoid signing up to the EU convention.
Breeds such as the bulldog and Pekingese were highlighted for individual consideration. Further breeds expected to feature include Shar Peis, Bloodhounds and St Bernards.

The Kennel Club hopes to persuade the Government that it has measures in place to maintain breed health and avoid adoption of EU legislation which, it claims, could threaten the future of certain breeds.

Animal Minister, Ben Bradshaw, said ‘I will be working with the Kennel Club and breed organisations to find a more sensible way forward.’

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club secretary, said: ‘He (the minister) has clearly taken on board all the efforts made, to improve breed health and welfare, although continued work with breeds remains imperative.’

‘We shall be working closely with the relevant breed clubs during 2004 and shall, of course, continue to liaise with DEFRA.