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Ferry protest against puppy trafficking

A LEADING Ferry company found itself targeted by demonstrators protesting at the illegal trafficking of puppies carried illegally into the UK from Ireland aboard the company’s own ferries.

Dozens of supporters of the anti-puppy farm organisation the Waterside Action Group (WAG) descended on Cairn Ryan port, Stranraer last Saturday to protest against P&O Irish Ferries who, they claim, have done nothing to halt the flood of illegal traffic in dogs and puppies.

WAG Secretary Ken McKie told OUR DOGS: "Along with our colleagues, A Dog’s Life, at Pembroke we attended at Cairn Ryan. This protest was a huge success gaining support from many regular uses of P&O Irish Ferries who had been unaware of this illegal trafficking. We must give fair warning to the ferry companies that this is the first of many such protests."

During the demonstration, the protesters observed the sale of a puppy in the ferry car park. The sale took place in front of Ports Police and Security Officers, although the officers asked no questions.

Ken McKie added: "Albeit it was a single sale in what was reasonable circumstances this act is illegal and it was with little surprise that we learned that earlier in the week a shipment of puppies was exchanged between two white vans in the same car park! So much for CCTV and Security then!"

A spokesperson for P & O was not available for comment.