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Bangor & North Down’s landmark show

History was made on Saturday, 31st July 2004 when Bangor & North Down Canine Club staged the first All Breed Championship Show to take place in the north of Ireland held under a licence issued by the Irish Kennel Club .

The very hard-working and dedicated Committee pulled out all the stops and ensured that everyone had a wonderful day that will be remembered and talked about for many months to come.

The exhibitors were treated to a well-run show which ran smoothly from start to finish and the judges had the honour and pleasure of taking part in this historic event with an entry of 1498 dogs whose owners had travelled from all over Ireland and from England, Scotland and Wales to support this great occasion.

The Irish Kennel Club would like to congratulate the Club and its committee for their courage in taking this step and for the high standard they attained.

Wendy Jackson - PRO Irish Kennel Club