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The Irish Kennel Club responds

The awful fact that two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels were stolen from a Dog Show held at the National Dog Show last weekend has been exacerbated by inaccurate reporting in Our Dogs 6th August.

The implication that other dogs had been stolen at a previous show and that the fact had been covered up by persons in Authority, we find grossly offensive.

That such allegations which could so easily have been verified and apparently were not before being quoted as front page news, is in our opinion unworthy of a publication which purports to be a responsible newspaper.

The recent crime wave affecting Car Parks in the Cloghran area (including the airport) has been a concern for the Board of Management of the National Show Centre since it (the crime wave) began. Professionals in the field of Security have been consulted and proven effective measures will be available to all hiring the Centre in the very near future.

We are happy to note that one of the stolen dogs (a bitch in season) has been returned unharmed to her owner and we are all hopeful that the second bitch will also be recovered in the near future. We would, as always, urge all exhibitors to be vigilant about protecting their belongings at shows, especially their dogs.

Our Dogs comments: We are always happy to co-operate with the Irish Kennel Club and applaud its actions in meeting so quickly with security advisors. The problem of dog thefts is not new, nor is it just a problem for Ireland.

However, the story was brought to our attention by bona fide exhibitors who clearly felt concerned. If this situation has served to sharpen everyone's focus and awareness to the problem then so be it.

We look forward to hearing back from the IKC with any proposed measures and will be happy to devote prominent space to these announcements.