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Dog dragged from canal

WORKERS AT an animal rescue centre in Worcestershire say that a dog discovered in a canal is one of the worst cases they have ever come across. The Collie-GSD cross was pulled out of the canal by a passer-by walking alongside the Small Heath bridge in Birmingham on Saturday August 7th.

The dog was found clinging on to brambles and was in a serious state. It is thought the animal had been shut up for a long time and could not walk due to severe matting in the fur on its back legs. It is believed that the dog’s owner attempted to dispose of it and threw it into the canal believing that it would drown.

It is now being cared for at a local animal sanctuary, the matted fur has been shaved off and the dog is responding well to care and exercise. Investigations to trace the dog’s original owner are under way. In the meantime, the dog will be cared for until it is well enough to be rehomed.