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Getting fit and raising funds
10k raises £10k for Petsavers

The tired, but triumphant, team!

On Sunday 1st August, the Petsavers British 10K Team joined 11,000 other runners to race around the heart of London. The 42 runners comprised a wide variety of talents from first timers, to more experienced sporting enthusiasts; from practicing vets and veterinary nurses to British Small Animal Veterinary Association [BSAVA] staff members; and from all over the country from as far afield as Scotland, the south coast, Bristol and Dorset.

They all had a common goal - to complete the event and raise £1,000 for Petsavers for every kilometre they covered. Petsavers should raise an amazing total of £10,000 from the event. Petsavers is the BSAVA’s own charity that funds clinical research projects and clinical training scholarships, with the aim of advancing our knowledge of pet diseases.

The race started at Hyde Park corner and the route took runners past some of the city’s most famous sites including St James’s Palace, Westminster Abbey, The Houses of Parliament and Trafalgar Square, with views across the Embankment to the London Eye. So, for those taking the race at a more leisurely pace there was plenty to see on the way around.

Viewing the sights was not a luxury for the more competitive team members who were keen to post a good time. The Team’s fastest runner was Angela Tyrrell a recent Cambridge graduate who finished the 10K [6.2 miles] course in an astounding 40 minutes 46 seconds. This was thanks to her training coach Colonel McDonald of the Royal Veterinary Corp.

Supporters of Petsavers, together with Fundraising Manager Nicolette secured a place along the race route. With balloons, banners and cameras at the ready, they waited for the runners to arrive. It wasn’t hard to spot the Team in their bright yellow running vests and as every runner went by they were snapped on film and cheered on their way.

All the team made it across the finish line. Injury free, though tired, somewhat hotter and with perhaps a few aches to come. Everyone who completed the race received a medal.
After the race it was then off to a nearby pub to freshen up and replace lost fluids – only soft drinks though as despite an already eventful day it was still only morning. Once refreshed Nicolette asked them how they felt about the whole event.

"The colour of the vests was inspirational. I could see other members of the team as I ran and we gave each other encouragement. Having our names on them was also a great idea – as spectators shouted out my name it gave me a lift." [Karen]

"The crowd were great – I could hear people shouting ‘come on Petsavers’." [Kay]
"Thanks for all your help and support. This is the best organised running event I've ever been in!" [Laura]

"I really enjoyed the day and I would love to do it all again next year". [Louise]
For further information about next year’s event or any other running event around the UK, then please contact Nicolette on 01452 726 723 or e-mail