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Meg’s going for a thong!

A MIDLANDS dog lover has installed door locks and gates around her home to put a stop to her cheeky dog’s insatiable appetite for thongs and bras.

Helen Pritchard's hungry Labrador Meg has munched her way through five thongs, a hair bobble, a pair of socks and a bra. Now embarrassed owner Helen, 23, is installing door locks and child-proof gates on her stairs to prevent further raids on her laundry basket.

Helen, a teacher at Bramford Primary School, Dudley said Meg had worked out how to open doors and sneak into her bedroom.

Most of the clothing comes out of Meg intact, said Helen, but an x-ray during a recent visit to the vets revealed bits of a bra lodged inside the dog. Vets were ready to operate, but Meg passed it through her system naturally.

Meg usually dines on dry food, but once chomped through £80 worth of shoes.

Helen, of Thistle Close, Dudley joked: ‘I've had to buy some more underwear because, surprisingly, I don't want to wear the old ones now. I'm going to be humiliated in front of my class. I'm just glad the school has broken up.

‘Meg's a lovely dog. She's alright, just a bit dopey. She's on a strict diet now.’

Wolverhampton veterinary nurse Helen Tottey commented: ‘It's certainly one of our more unusual cases. We've had dogs chew on socks before but it's the first for a bra.’