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WAG secretary threatened

THE SECRETARY of a leading anti-puppy farming organisation received a threat to his personal safety last week, supposedly at the behest of puppy farmers who have been exposed by the group.

About 4.30 pm on Thursday 12 August 2004 the Secretary of the Waterside Action Group (WAG), Ken McKie was working at home on his computer when he received a threatening phone call. The caller claimed to be a well-known underworld figure and alleged that he had received a ‘down payment’.

He claimed that the Secretary was upsetting a lot of people with the campaign and the ferry protest and he was told to stop phoning the press and ‘carrying on’ or the £7000 bounty would be collected. Ken McKie immediately contacted the police.

Ken McKie told OUR DOGS: ‘If this is a genuine threat then they have chosen the wrong person. WAG is not Ken McKie but whole lot of dog loving people. If this threat is true we have to wonder at the source of money that has come into the hands of some of the puppy farmers.

‘It is curious to me that after two years the only time that we have caused an extreme reaction is when WAG began the ferry protest. It is obvious that we have struck a nerve hear. It is a pity that those issuing the threats do not know me.

‘For fifteen years as a police officer I received many threats and treated them with the contempt they deserve. WAG is not about me against the puppy farmers it is about an entire nation against puppy farmers. This should now be a clear message to the politicians that it is time to act and act hard on the appalling trade in puppies.’

Officers from Strathclyde Police are now investigating these threats