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Yorkshire Terrier Club seminar success

Peter Jolley and Secretary Pat Mitchell share a discussion

The Yorkshire Terrier Club holds a breed seminar approximately once every two years, and this year the seminar (held on August 8) dealt with the breed standard in the morning and in the afternoon was the talk on preparation, grooming and presentation of a Yorkshire Terrier for the show-ring.

At the top table was Mr Tony Roberts (Chairman YTC) Mrs Doreen Johnson (Chair of ECYTC) Mr Osman Sameja (Vice President YTC) Mrs Betty Whitbread (Vice Chair YTC) and Mrs Pat Mitchell the Club’s hard working Secretary.

The breed standard was covered by Mr Osman Sameja (Ozmilion), Mrs Doreen Johnson (Lyndoney) and Mrs Betty Whitbread (Brybett) each of whom have had in excess of 30 years experience in the breed, and in excess of a century between them.

The day was aimed at helping everyone with an interest in the breed and it suited the couple who had bought and shown their very first Yorkie at Windsor this year right through to the more seasoned exhibitor and judges.

It was good to see people from other groups, such as Mrs Sheila Sadler (Roseday Cocker Spaniels) Mr Ken Bartlett (Dwilencia W.H.W.T.) as well as Toy Specialists Mrs Annette Oliver, Mr Peter Jolley, Mr Des Jenkins and Mrs Anne Whitehead.

The atmosphere was very warm and very friendly. The normally quiet and shy Mr Osman Sameja was the first speaker and after only a few minutes he was in full flow speaking with all the love, compassion, authority and knowledge one can only gain after a life-time of dedication to a breed. He took each part of the breed standard individually, firstly reading the standard and then explaining it in fuller detail. He did an excellent job of detailing how it applied to his own dogs.

Mr Sameja had arranged for many pictures to be there of the dogs from the past, from Huddersfield Ben (born 1865) through the Edwardian age, then Lady Edith Windham Dawson and her Soham champions, Mrs Crookshank and her beautiful Ch Mr Pim of Johnstounburn and many others too. Mrs Johnson brought pictures of her champions from the first one through to the current winning dog.

In addition there were many pictures of Mr Sameja’s famous champions showing how the breed has changed and developed since he won his first CC in 1972, there have now been 42 Ozmilion champions. He also demonstrated through the pictures of the world famous Ch Ozmilion Mystification how many changes the individual dog goes through before reaching its maturity and full glory.

The pictures showed the finer points of the breed including the glorious shading of the tans on the fabulously long falls that the breed can be endowed with if the right amount of time and dedication is invested.

Mrs Johnson wanted potential judges to be sure that they only put up stock which was sound. It is of no use having a pretty animal if it can’t walk properly and unfortunately this had been happening of late – judges not knowing the structure appeared to have judged on presentation which only does the breed harm. She also felt that the ears are getting bigger and they are flapping when the dog is on the move.

Mrs Whitbread felt the same way and emphasised the necessity of sound dogs, if a dog isn’t sound then how can it conform to the breed standard? She also warned of the light eyes which seem to be creeping into the breed.

Mr Roberts (Camdar) felt there was insufficient exercise given to some of the show dogs, they are dogs first, show dogs second. It is more important to have muscle on the hind legs than a long coat and exercise is the only way to achieve this.

There was a healthy question and answer time which seemed more like a fireside chat between friends and the whole experience was not just educational, but also most enjoyable.

The lunch break was followed by an afternoon discussing the grooming, preparation and presentation of a Yorkshire Terrier for the show ring and this was covered by Mrs Susan Prevost (Hassendean), Mrs Ginney Streek (Sherazade) and Mrs Nadine Dauphin-Simmons (Senidan). Mrs Prevost demonstrated on a puppy while Mrs Dauphin-Simmons covered crackering of the dog for the protection of the coat. Every aspect of the show-dogs requirements was covered and after a break for afternoon tea there was a further opportunity for questions and answers.

During the breaks there were opportunities for everyone to look more closely at the pictures or for individual breed advisors to give more individual attention to smaller groups who were full of questions.

The day went very quickly and there was something there fore everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt considerable benefit from having attended.