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KC recognises Japanese Akita Inu

At its meeting on 23 November 2004 the Committee approved the recognition of the Japanese Akita Inu. The following criteria will apply:

Breed Name: Japanese Akita Inu Group: Utility Register: Breed register without CC status Effective date: 1 January 2006 Eligibility: A dog will be eligible for the register if:

a. all ancestors in a three generation pedigree are registered with the Japanese Kennel Club as a Japanese Akita Inu or trace all their ancestry back to such dogs. OR

b. all ancestors in a three generation pedigree were registered as a Japanese Akita Inu within a register created by an FCI Kennel Club since their recognition in October 1998 OR

c. it has a three generation pedigree which is a combination of the above, provided all 8 great-grandparents are either as specified in a or b.

If a dog does not comply with the above, but there are exceptional circumstances, an application can be made to the Committee.

Interim Breed Standard: An Interim Breed Standard for the Japanese Akita Inu, based on that of the country of origin, will be produced by 1 January 2006.