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New grants for canine research

The Kennel Club Health Foundation Fund (KCHFF), part of the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, has recently announced the award of the following grants for 2004:

£29,880 to Cambridge University for investigation of the molecular genetic basis of canine portosystemic shunts in Irish Wolfhounds and Cairn Terriers.

£49,823 over two years to Cambridge University and the Animal Health Trust for investigation into the molecular genetics of lens luxation in the Lancashire Heeler, Miniature Bull Terrier and other Terrier breeds.

£23,084 to the Animal Health Trust to determine the genetic location of the gene causing sebaceous adenitis in the Standard Poodle & identify candidate genes.

£22,994 to the Royal Veterinary College for the development of genetic screening tests for canine von Willebrand’s disease in a number of different breeds.

£5000, to the University of Uppsala, Sweden, to study dermoid sinus in the Rhodesian Ridgeback.
In several of these projects the financial and other support of the relevant breed clubs is acknowledged.

These grants demonstrate the Charitable Trust’s continued commitment to support research that provides a better understanding of canine disease at the molecular level, work that will lay the foundation for the eventual development of DNA tests for these conditions.