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Thousands of natural feeding supporters can’t be wrong!

There has been some interest and concern in the last few weeks from consumers who actively use and promote natural feeding and raw meaty diets. These concerns have been based upon comments from a dry petfood supporter whose comments and ideas take little or NO regard for the thousands of happy dog owners who have converted successfully to raw meaty diets.

The popularity and success of BARF diets and RMB diets in recent years is not a fad or this week’s latest feeding craze, it is a calculated responsible feeding choice of thousands of BARF and RMB supporters who have studied, listened and decided that natural feeding is the best choice for their dogs.

I have personally been involved with raw meat diets for some 25 years and the basis of feeding raw meats such as chicken, tripe, beef, lamb and fish is not a technology that has been invented to satisfy "complete" nutrition, it has always been a traditional means to provide natural nutrition based upon the natural oils, proteins and energy gained from feeding a fresh wholesome varied diet..

The result of choosing a natural feeding diet is a choice for responsible dog owners who study the raw diet concept and gain knowledge of the dietary and long term health benefits of natural feeding. These people have read books, attended discussion groups and made a calculated choice.

EU regulations now thoroughly extend to the production and supply of raw meat diets for feeding to dogs.

Each producer has to be registered with DEFRA and comply to stringent rules and inspections to ensure that the raw meat diets we provide are suitable and safe to feed.

The production of raw meat diets for pets is a governed industry that is regulated to use specific raw meat cuts which can be traced back through the supply chain to verify their quality and source.

The finished products are microbiologically tested by registered premises for salmonella and entrobacteriacia and the results of these batch tests are sent to the Defra vet weekly for his or her consideration.

It is ironic that our company finds its microbiological test standards are in line if not better than the equivalent meat type which is intended for human consumption.

A clean processing environment with controlled handling and use of HACCAP controls undoubtedly results in a quality pre packed meat product that millions of dog and cat owners use with confidence every week.

The supply of pre packed raw meat diet ingredients is now very extensive with national specialist petfood superstores and retailers seeing support for natural feeding diets where high street retailers continue to be "stuck in there ways" not recognising that fresh diets extend to dogs and cats as they continue to offer and promote, what is, easy and convenient.

There is a published list of registered raw meat diet producers who operate to high standards and offer either a regional or national service for distribution of a wide range of raw meat products.

These producers are investing in the future of raw meat diets and supporting the culture of BARF and RMB, listening to the demands of dog owners and responding with new ideas, such as pre packed BARF diets and pre packed whole meat chunks.

Our company has also seen a vast interest from all sectors of the professional veterinary industry who have recently studied and considered raw feeding as a choice that they, too, can promote.
Ultimately it is the dog and cat owners choice and their voice that will support specialist supporters and producers of natural meaty diets.

My company now retails in excess of one million pre packets of raw meaty diets every month through over half of the independent petfood retailers all over the country.

We are registered by Defra, operate four sites in Norfolk, Bristol, Leeds and Scotland and are regarded as the leading producers of raw meaty diets.

Are all of these owners wrong? NO...

Craig Taylor
Managing Director
Anglian Meat Products Ltd