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New chairman for Darlington

Darlington Championship Show newly appointed Chairman,
Mrs Ruth Burgess (right) and President Mrs Ellen Dobson, (left)
after making a presentation to the retiring Chairman Mrs Maureen Hennis

At their recent meeting the Darlington Dog Show Society Championship Show appointed Mrs Ruth Burgess as their new Chairman.

Mrs Burgess has been interested in showing and breeding Keeshonds for over thirty years and has been very involved in administration with General Canine and Breed Societies in various positions, including fourteen years assisting with the Secretarial work for the Darlington Championship Show.

The President, Mrs Ellen Dobson, welcomed Mrs Burgess as the new Chairman. There was a celebratory buffet to follow, when the President made a presentation of a gift and a basket of flowers on behalf of the Society to the previous Chairman, Mrs Maureen Hennis, who retired from the position in September.