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Huntsman found innocent

The Sheriff, Kevin Drummond, of Jedburgh Sheriff Court announced last Friday an innocent verdict against Trevor Adams, the Buccleuch Foxhound huntsman who was accused of deliberately hunting a wild mammal using dogs near Kelso last year.

Meanwhile the Countryside Alliance had come under criticism from the Conservative spokesman on countryside affairs in the House of Lords, Viscount Astor, over the way in which has ‘failed its members’ over the whole Hunting With Dogs ban which is due to be implemented on February 19th.

According to newspaper reports at the weekend, Special Branch officers with ‘expenses’ have been trying to recruit hunt members to inform on their colleague should they breach the ban.

In defiance of the ban 250 hunts and packs of hounds are to assemble on the morning of Saturday February 19th. There are no plans to break the law in a show of mass civil disobedience