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Santa Claus came early for Fliss

Fliss as she was when she was found: chained up to wood and starving.
Seen here enjoying food given to her by her rescuers

The best Christmas present ever for Fliss, the neglected dog I found on Crete in October – she was flown to Germany on Tuesday 7th December and has already been adopted.

Like her two puppies before her (both of whom were also very quickly adopted), Fliss now has a family of her very own to give all her love and companionship to.

Fliss’s story

After six years chained in the sun with only a rusty oil drum for shelter and having had several litters, life became immeasurably different once Friends of Animals of Rethymno took up Fliss’s case. They quickly arranged her release and cared for her in a foster home on Crete until she was recovered enough to fly out to a new life.

Her lower canines were worn down and that fact and that, during her recuperation, she voraciously wanted to eat anything vaguely edible, and completely changed her coat, tells it’s own story about her life until rescued.

Fliss’s future

Our Dogs and Our Cats readers who have followed Fliss’s story and have generously given time and, in several cases, donations can now rest assured that Fliss and her puppies will be cared for and monitored for the rest of their lives. Fliss now has a new, pain-free and hunger-free life and a new name . . . Lizzie

Fliss’s legacy

The campaign "Don’t Just Look Away!" started in order to rescue Fliss will continue its dual aims of raising awareness of who to contact when abused animals are discovered in holiday destinations, plus raising desperately needed funds for the charity Friends of Animals of Rethymno (F.A.R.), who, together with Noah’s Ark, unhesitatingly took up Fliss’s cause after I discovered them.

Even as I write, F.A.R. are trying to arrange transport to Germany for a little Al, the Staffie-cross puppy who was dumped, very ill, in a schoolyard, and Romulus and Remus, two other puppies who were found dumped in a rubbish bin with more rubbish piled on top of them.

On behalf of Fliss and her puppies, I can’t thank everyone enough for their kind wishes and support during the stressful time since I returned from holiday – it will be a peaceful Xmas here now Fliss’s suffering is ended.

Please contact me if you would like to help the "Don’t Just Look Away!" campaign in any way, or know anyone going on holiday to Crete who would like F.A.R.’s details (forearmed can help save an animal’s life – or, as in this case, three).