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SKC not in ‘crisis’

The Scottish Kennel Club is not facing any new crisis, according to a letter sent to our contemporary last week. The angry response was sent by SKC Secretary General Andy Kousourou after a front page splash on December 10th suggesting yet more infighting and unrest.

Thirteen months ago the SKC was in turmoil after a faction within the Executive Council sent an e-mail to the SKC office staff suggesting they were less than helpful to members and the general public.

It resulted in the wholesale resignation of the staff, the Secretary General, Assistant Secretary, the President and two vice presidents. It also precipitated two costly SGMs before the Convenor Robert Crawford did not seek re-election at the AGM in March.

In a letter to our contemporary Secretary General Andy Kousourou has written:

‘This constitutes an unwarranted and ill-informed attack on the members of the Executive Council of the Scottish Kennel Club. Executive Council members and SKC office staff have expressed shock, disgust and astonishment at the number of inaccuracies and the inflammatory language contained in the article.

‘The Executive Council is not "riven by infighting and unrest" nor is it "going down the drain in a downward spiral". Mrs Macdonald has not taken a back seat in any of her duties as Convener and Executive Council members and all those who know her will confirm her fair minded manner and positive commitment to the SKC.


‘You must understand that the members of the Executive Council to whom your journalist refers have worked together extremely well throughout the year, aided by an enthusiastic office staff and other voluntary helpers to produce two successful Championship Shows. Both these shows were very well supported and achieved increased entries over those held in 2003. This splendid level of teamwork and commitment is not the work of a divided Council.

‘The teamwork and commitment has been maintained and preparations are well in hand for future shows and events. It will be clear to the SKC membership that your article and the misinformation therein is insulting to their hard working Executive Council and office staff.

‘The Executive Council is not seeking to diminish the status of the secretarial service to the SKC and Myra Orr and indeed the other two staff members, have benefited from training at the Kennel Club and by the assistance and support of experienced Executive Council members. A Training and Quality Management System has been prepared by a member of the Council and welcomed by the Executive Council and staff alike.

‘For the avoidance of doubt, any proposed changes to the constitution will be decided upon by the members of SKC at the forthcoming SGM being held for that purpose.

‘The SKC continues to enjoy an excellent relationship with the Kennel Club and is much appreciative of the help and advice provided by the Kennel Club staff whenever requested.’