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Peter and Joyce Mann: readers’ response

The situation concerning Peter and Joyce Mann has certainly been one of the hottest talking points in the world of dogs for many years. The national press are having a minor feeding frenzy and of course internet chat rooms are full of the story. Many readers have contacted Our Dogs and some of the comments are reprinted below; the vast majority are in favour of the Manns and deplore the actions of the anonymous writer.

Well my Our Dogs has just arrived and I see Joyce Mann has withdrawn from all future judging appointments including BIS at Crufts. Why cannot people let sleeping dogs lie? I feel sorry for her, this appointment usually comes once in a lifetime, she must have been looking forward to it. I know I would. The people behind this sick doing must be found, what do they expect to gain from their actions.

We will now wait to see who replaces her.

Ann Marshall



From good news I have to turn to the very sad news of Mrs Joyce Mann’s retirement from all judging appointments and Mr Peter Mann’s resignation from the Crufts Chairmanship and all the other Committees that he served.

They are a great loss, not only to our breed but to the world of dogs in general.

My phone has not stopped ringing with messages of love and good wishes for them so I can only say they have always been two of the most honourable and highly respected members of the canine world and we send them our respect and our love.

Osman A Sameja
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The second piece of sad news reached us all via the newspapers and the television as well as the dog press, and that was the resignation of Mrs Joyce Mann from all judging appointments and Mr Peter Mann from all the committees he was involved with.

Mrs Mann has given CCs in our breed over many years and her reputation is second to none. Although not born into a ‘doggie’ family she was certainly born with a natural feel and empathy for dogs. 30 years ago people rarely bought puppies from breeders, they went to the pet shop where they bought the breed on offer, or ordered a puppy of the breed of their choice and reputable breeders fulfilled that demand. In a similar way, other reputable show homes sold their puppies and their champions to any of the countries in world. Times and habits change but we cannot put today’s values on yesterday’s deeds. Can any of us say they didn’t drink and drive in years gone by without it being anti-social - but would we do it today?

Mr Peter Mann has done such wonderful work firstly for SKC who were in a considerably less comfortable financial situation than they are today; subsequently we were to have the benefit of his services at the K.C. where his contribution has been immeasurable. The world of dogs is a sorrier place without them, who else in our hobby has raised £1m for the KC Charitable Trust in a 12 month period – who else would even have thought about it? These are honourable and respected people who have been driven out by hate mail and jealousy. I feel ashamed to be part of a hobby that has allowed this to happen; I know in my heart of hearts that the perpetrator of this is without morals or scruples and may only hold their head up while they remain anonymous.

Diana Rich



WHEN I was brought up, it was the order of the day that anonymous letters were dispatched to the rubbish bin! It was with great sadness that I was informed that Peter Mann had resigned fom all his Kennel Club activities, and Joyce from her appointment of BIS at forthcoming Crufts. The result of a poison pen letter! What does this say about a shallow, sick minded element we have in our midst? If you have something to say, put your mind to it, or shut up.

I have known Peter and Joyce for many years and count them amongst my friends. Having served as a member of the General Committee of the KC for nearly as long as Peter, I got to know him well. Always courteous and thoughtful, astute and important in debate, when he never missed a point. As a member of the disciplinary committee, I was fully aware how even handed and kind he was, in his capacity as Chairman of this sub-committee, a position he held for more than 10 years.

Others have written of his great contribution to dogs, good friendship to Scottish Kennel Club, how he helped Manchester when it was in the doldrums some years ago, a vigorous worker for the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, for which he raised hundreds of thousands of pounds - to mention but a few. Peter Mann will be remembered as having done more than most for dogdom in particular and the Kennel Club in general.

Joyce succeeded in her interest as an allround judge, always elegantly dressed and completely professional in her manner in the ring, she was invited to judge world wide for her opinion.

In all walks of life the twins ‘Success’ and ‘Jealousy’ go mostly hand in hand. Peter and Joyce have paid the price. When the dust is settled, they must remember the many friends they have in the dog fraternity, whose thoughts will be with them at this most difficult time. The hope will be that they will not cut themselves off completely from us all.

Jean Lanning



I write about the tragedy for the world of dogs that is the resignation of Peter and Joyce Mann. Why give in to those who hide behind anonymity? What is their hidden agenda?
I have been involved in exhibiting and breeding dogs since 1950 and it must be understood that the mores and regulations of today differ from those of 40 years agao. Many top breeders ran large kennels where it was not unusual to produce 150 or more pups per annum. Popular breeds of that time were bred in huge numbers and not every pup need be registered. There was no stigma on running a commercial kennel and many top all-rounders did so. Why pick on Joyce Mann? The top Pekingese kennel of those days ran a shop in the smartest part of London, selling pups of various breeds sourced from reputable beeders and judges.

Whatever the motive behind the castigation of Joyce Mann at this time, when she has reached the peak of attainment, namely Best in Show judge at Crufts, the action taken under the cowardly cloak of anonymity can only be dispised. Not only have we lost a capable all-rounder but also Peter Mann past Vice Chairman of the KC and Chairman of Crufts, to whom we own a huge debt for his contribution in time and energy.

Are we to allow this type of behaviour to deprive us of honourable dog folk? They should be persuaded to retake their positions and the anonymous letters and their writer consigned to the bin.



I wish to follow up the letter faxed to you yesterday, now that I have read the report about Mrs Joyce Mann in your paper more thoroughly.

It seems notable that the unpleasant e-mails were sent all over the world at a time to get the maximum publicity brefore Crufts. Does this indicate a carefully orchestrated campaign against the Kennel Club.

This type of action is similar to that taken against other sporting hobbies. It also brigns to mind the well funded campaign against a wall known research establishment.

It is possible that the attack on the judge elect for Crufts is only the beginning and now our hobby is to be on the receiving end of disruptive and spiteful action. If so, do we just give in or treat the annonymous perpetrators with the contempt they deserve.

Judith Robin-Smith