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IKC delegates to vote on full FCI membership

The Irish kennel Club representatives of the Ard Chomhairle have received notification that at the next meeting which takes place today Friday 13th February they are to consider a proposal on full membership of the FCI an official statement will be issued following that meeting.

An IKC official statement

‘The two main functions of The Irish Kennel Club Ltd. are the registration of pedigree dogs and the licensing of shows held under Irish Kennel Club rules and which carry insurance cover provided by the Irish Kennel Club. The approval of judges and the holding of Field Trials and Obedience and Agility Tests are also among the activities in which we are involved.

‘Whilst we are aware that there are many reputable breeders who we would be supporting by the registration and provision, where necessary, of export pedigrees for the dogs they are selling we would certainly not be endorsing the rearing and exploitation of any breed which is against our Code of Ethics and could not be said to be in the best interests of the dogs.

‘When it comes to legislation we are unable to enforce any rules as to numbers of dogs in one ownership or conditions under which they should be kept - these are matters for the Department of the Environment. It should also be noted that we do not have a register of approved breeders - any individual breeder listed in the Canine Directory must have agreed to abide by the Rules/Code of Ethics of the Irish Kennel Club Ltd. and this list is compiled from entries paid for and clearly defined as advertising material.

‘The Irish Kennel Club Ltd. takes no responsibility for any transaction made between an advertiser and a purchaser. We are in on-going discussions with the relevant Government Departments as we wish to support any action which can bring about better conditions for the breeding and rearing of dogs.’