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Kennel Club registrations show an increase

Kennel Club registrations have risen by 8.6% in 2003 with nearly 20,000 more than in 2002. The final figure of total registrations in 2003 was 245,894 That is the highest registration total since 1998.

Transfers were 12.9% up in 2003. This means that the percentage of dogs which were recorded as transferred from their breeders to their new owners is up by 2.3% compared to 2002. The year 2003 saw the highest percentage of transfers to total registrations, ever recorded by the Kennel Club

Said Caroline Kisko, Secretary to the Kennel Club ‘In October 2002, the Kennel Club relaunched its canine registration and healthcare services.

‘This relaunch has enabled the Kennel Club to raise its profile as the champion of all dogs - whether pedigree or mixed breed - and to protect and promote the dog’s varied roles in society. Since the relaunch the Kennel Club has received a great deal of positive response from breeders and puppy buyers on both the design and the increased value of Kennel Club registration.

is as high as it ever has been. This, we believe indicates that the new owners of puppies value KC registration more than ever before.’

By far the largest increase group on group total is in the Utility breed up by 12.02% to 23,694 from 21,151 in 2002. Next is the Gundog group up by 11.3% to 93,451 the previous year’s total of 83,944.

Hounds are up 5.8% to 11,679 and the remaining sporting group, Terrier is up by 5.5% to 38,960.

The Working group shows the third largest rise of 11.29% to 30,279 whilst the Pastoral breeds show the smallest increase of 3.1% to 24,031. Toys have increased 4.4% to 23,800
As we go to press we have no further breakdown in the ‘top ten’ totals but the Kennel Club registration figures issued one year ago confirmed that Labradors were still the most popular breed with 35,996 registrations in 2002. German Shepherds were still second with 14,177.
The remaining top ten for 2002 read:- 3. Cockers 13,417; 4. English Springers 12,431; 5. Staffords 10,711; 6. Golden Retrievers 10,526; 7. WHWT 10,015; 8. CKCS 9,984; 9. Boxers 8,916; 10. Rottweilers 5,802.

More on this next week.

The group totals for 2002 were:- Hounds 11,036; Gundogs 83,944; Terriers 36,911; Utility 21,151; Working 27,205; Pastoral 23,294 and Toy 22,777 giving a total of 226,318 against 220,821 in 2001.|

The greatest decline in 2002 of 7.1% was in the hound (10,303) Group with a 3.7% decrease in the Terrier Group. The Working Group total increased by 0.14%. There was a drop in the Utility Group with 0.35% fewer registrations; the toys showed 4.5% more, the Pastoral 2.2% more and the gundogs a huge 6.2% more.

In February 2003 the Kennel Club published its breed and group registration totals for 2001. A late and expected full recovery in the figures failed to materialise and at 220,799 they were down by 26,515 or 10.72%, on the previous year’s total. This, at the then current 2002 fee levels, represented a loss of income of £318,189.

Compared with the 1989 peak figure of 283,915 the decline in 2001 was even more pronounced amounting to 63,116, 22.23% or, in terms of income, a loss of £757,392. The Kennel Club registration fees went up in January 2002 to £12 from £10 and at the same time the cost of transfers rose from £9 to £10.

We hope to reproduce a complete breakdown of breed entry totals as soon as these are received.

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