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Search is on for a special home for J R Bean

A very special home is needed for one of the younger residents at Wood Green Animal Shelters, who came in to the animal charity after not being able to cope with the other animals in the home.

Bean a 1 year old Jack Russell terrier x who is though to suffer from a brain condition known as Cerebella Hypoplasia, which means that the part of the brain which controls motion was underdeveloped when he was born. This will not worsen as Bean gets older and as he matures he will learn to compensate for his disability.

He is a lovely, sweet natured dog who will become extremely affectionate once he becomes familiar with those around him and will follow his new owners around the house as he has done at his current foster home.

A suitable home for Bean will be where he has access to a garden as he will not be able to go out for walks due to his uncoordinated movement, and he will need a quiet home where he will receive lots of love and affection.

For anyone interested in providing that special home for Bean please contact the Godmanchester Shelter on 08701 90 40 90.