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Obituary - Mrs Madge Openshaw

OLDER MEMBERS of the Alsatian, Corgi and Beagle fraternity will remember Madge Openshaw, who died in Manchester on February 10th. She was very much a dog lady, and a considerable character in her day.

I have to confess that I have been out of touch with her in recent years, but I well recollect her when she worked with some of the good Alsatian and Corgi kennels and had a real love for, and knowledge of, the breeds.

But, more especially, subsequently her interest turned to Beagles, and she was a major force in the formation of the Beagle Association. She was its first secretary and continued in this office for several years during which time the club developed considerably and the foundations were laid from which it has grown to become a breed club of national influence and importance. Her particular interest was in the working Beagle, and during the many years she lived in Cornwall, all her hounds were strong, fit and active.

Madge dropped out of the show scene several years ago, and it is sad to thing that her name is now largely forgotten, for she made a valuable contribution to the Beagle breed post world war two, at a time when its popularity was developing. Nevertheless, those who knew and were associated with her in those days will remember her with regard and respect.

Leonard Pagliero