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WELKS changes

THERE HAS been a change of judge for Samoyeds at the West of England Ladies’ Kennel Society’s championship show. Owing to the indisposition of Mrs Rivers, the appointment, subject to confirmation by the Kennel Club, will be undertaken by Mr K Smith.

The entries for WELKS close on March 10th which is of course just after Crufts. The fees have risen slightly to £20 for CC breeds and dropped slightly to #15 for non CC breeds. The subsequent entries remain at £3 per class and pre-ordered catalogues cost £3 too. The Society has added Estrela Mountain Dogs to their classification which makes a total of 15 breeds without CCs on offer. If the weather is kind this is the first outdoor show of the season and is to be held at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern, Worcs on 23- 25th April.