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Crufts competition winners

Readers who won this year’s Crufts/OUR DOGS competition for free tickets to the show included:-

Diane Rudd, Kent. Mrs E Lowe, Kent. Mr B Owen, Leamington Spa. Miss J Fyfe, Fife. Mrs A Edwards, Aylesbury. Gillian Charlesworth, Caernarfon. Ms B Tarrant, West Sussex. Miss J Tedstone, Birmingham. Ryan Bishop, Oxon. Catriona Price, Cheltenham. Mrs J Tinsley, Somerset. Mrs E Hearne, Plymouth. Miss K Johnson, Barnsley. Anne McLean, Fife. Mrs R Webber, Shropshire. Mrs B Fosdike, Preston. Mrs Anne Turner, Preston. Wendy Pratt, Cambs. Mrs A Mann, Shropshire and Mrs Claire Hindley, Lanarkshire.