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Wood Green to host Bridge and Target and target seminar

Wood Green Animal Shelters are set to host the very first UK seminar on the animal training known as Bridge and Target.

The revolutionary technique, unlike traditional methods, seeks to establish an open line of communication between animal and trainer. The methods used help to aid general handling and restraint techniques which are invaluable for those who work with any animal. It is an easy, humane and efficient way of training animals and it looks certain to redefine all expectations of the human/animal relationship.

Bridge and Target has been developed and used in the States for a number of years by its creator Kayce Cover, who has been working with domestic and exotic animals for over 20 years.

Sue Gearing, Trainer at Wood Green Animal Shelters is extremely excited about Kacey coming to the UK and said "Kayce is an outstanding and entertaining speaker and teacher who has developed the most amazing techniques for helping train animals. For those who are coming to the seminars you are sure to leave feeling very excited."

The Bridge and Target training technique will be held over 2 days on the 10th and 11th May 2004 at Wood Green Animal Shelters, Godmanchester in Cambridgeshire and will cost £60 + VAT which will include refreshments and lunch.

If you are interested in attending the two-day workshop please contact Sue Gearing on 01480 830014 ext. 204.