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Our Dogs answers Martin’s puppy SOS!

When 'OUR DOGS' received an SOS from Hamiltonstovare breeder Martin Leigh we immediately responded. The message read:

‘Hi! can anyone help me quickly PLEASE. I am working on my laptop with no phone lines or electricity and my laptop battery is fading fast. Angela is out and I we have had a major power cut in our village. I need to get a message to Angela URGENTLY as I have a litter of puppies here getting colder by the minute. I have no phone line working! Heat for puppies needed fast!

‘Can somebody PLEASE telephone her on her mobile: 07801 820005 and ask her to come home quickly

‘Really appreciate this. Martin (Leigh)’

Our Dogs responded immediately and a generator and a good supply of petrol were despatched courtesy of OUR DOGS.

We understand that Mother and pups are all doing well!

Angela Leigh sends this message: ‘Many thanks to the immediate response to OUR DOGS to the emergency E-mail sent by my Husband Martin. Their response probably saved the lives of 9 puppies!

‘Eternal gratitude

‘Angela Leigh’