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IKC elections

The following were the results of the Irish Kennel Club officer and committee elections held last week.

President Mr. Sean Delmar; Vice President Miss Mary Crowley; Treasurer Mrs. Rita McCarry Beattie

General Purposes Committee Mr. Nick Hammond, Mr. Brian O'Hara, Mr. Michael Drennan, Mrs. Evelyn Hurley, Mrs. Wendy Jackson, Mrs. Susan Kealy, Mr. Fred Cuthbert.

Green Star & Judges' Committee Mr. Colm Beattie, Mr. Philip Behan, Mr. Michael Gavin, Mrs. Cathy Delmar, Mr. Dermot Drum, Miss Joy O'Connor, Mr. Nick White (No changes from last year.)

Field Trial Committee Mr. Brian O'Hara, Mr. Charlie Neilson, Mr. Bill Joyce, Mr. Jimmy Dalton, Mr. Terry O'Leary, Mr. Chris Hancock

Obedience Rules Committee Mrs. P. O'Boyle, Mrs. M. Bailey, Mr. R. D'Arcy, Ms. J. Owens, Mr. J. Stephens, Miss Judy Holmes.