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Hazel Darnley

Photo by David Paton

I first met Hazel in the late seventies, when she and Gerry purchased Wilbus Emma Gee from us, their first Afghan. When they brought her to see us at 11months of age, I suggested that they might like to show her. Hazel said that she quite fancied a new hobby, and from there it all began.

Hazel showed Gertie, as she was called, with some success, and when later mated, she produced a litter of twelve, two of whom who went on to become champions. Champion Ghinja La Peregrina and Champion Ghinja Popinjay, were both of beautiful breed type, but unfortunately, although La Peregrina was mated, she failed to get into whelp. Not to be daunted by this, Hazel mated a litter sister, owned by Pearl Swift, to produce the second, and last, Ghinja litter. Hazel and Gerry kept four from this litter, and along with them, over the years, they owned and campaigned Flossie (Wilbus Fantasia at Ghinja), Oliver (Wilbus Gatsby at Ghinja), Barbara (Wilbus Heloisa of Ghinja), the doggy ‘love of her life’ Black Jack (Wilbus Korleone at Ghinja) and more recently Dorothee (Sashkan the Dorothee at Ghinja).

Hazel was an animal lover through and through. A committed vegetarian, she also owned pedigree cats, goats and geese. All were given the same unstinting love, care and devotion, as were her family of foxes who visited each night for their supper. When any of Hazel’s animals were ill, no expense was spared to obtain the very best of veterinary care for them.

During this time, Hazel was for a great many years the Secretary of the Dover & Deal Canine Society, and she judged extensively, both Afghans and other breeds, and awarded CCs in Afghans in 1999.

A highly intelligent woman, and an avid listener, Hazel was always good for a stimulating debate. She was great company, illustrating her stories with her acting and mimicry skills. At the top of her chosen profession before she recently retired, it is so sad to think that she will not enjoy a lengthy retirement with her beloved husband Gerry, and her animals. She had much to look forward to, having recently acquired a new puppy, which she was so looking forward to campaigning.

I personally feel that I have lost a wonderful friend, who was always supportive, great fun to be with, and whose loyalty was without question.

Lesley Busby

There is to be a church service for Hazel at Waltham Village Church, Near Canterbury at 11am on 19th January. This will be followed by a service at Barham Crematorium (which is between Canterbury and Dover) at 12a.m. Afterwards everyone will be welcome at the Masonic Hall, Canterbury.


Harold Wright

The Terrier World is the poorer with the passing of Harold Wright (Woodmansey) a few weeks short of his 90th birthday. He must be one of the last of the enthusiast terrier men who helped to develop the breeds.

Harold began to show dogs in 1932; a Wire Fox Terrier, Scottie, came in 1936 of which there were eleven English Chs with the Woodmansey prefix. There were many overseas champions, and Harold also campaigned two Bedlingtons to their title.

He had the unique distinction of owning three with the same name of Woodmansey Waspish - a Scottie, Lakeland & Bedlington- all at the same time.

Harold had an interest in all dogs but his true love was for the Terriers and he gave CCs in all the group, as well as judging the terrier group and BIS. He retired at 80 years of age from judging.

His “baby” was the National Terrier and he was able to get for a short while to the centenary show. he served on the committee for many years and was an excellent show manager. He became President in 1989 and held that position at the time of his death.

One of the founder members of Driffield AS Championship Dog Show, he was both show manager and chairman.

The funeral was at Woodland Crematorium Coleshill on December 18th. Friends from all over the country came to say a final farewell and the church was packed.

Harold loved the administration side of shows of which he made an excellent job. He never suffered fools gladly - could be outspoken and blunt - but had a very kind heart beneath that surface. A Yorkshire man through and through and he was very proud of the fact.

Harold was a committee member of STCE for 17 years, President of STBEA for nine years and committee of North of England for five years and served on various committees of The Kennel Club. He became an honorary life member of Scottish Terrier Club of England, having been a member for 50 years.

Harold gave much to dogdom as we who have worked with him knew. I shall miss him as friend, we had our ups and downs but remained firm friends. Donations in memory of Harold should be sent to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery Development Foundation c/o Gascoignes of Coleshill Ltd, 100 High Street, Coleshill, Birmingham B46 3BL.

To Freda who has devotedly nursed him these last few years we send our sincere sympathy and also to his sons philip and David and their children.

Maureen Micklethwaite