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KC launches codes of best practice

As part of its ongoing commitment to improving quality and standards across the board in all canine activities, the Kennel Club has developed a KC Code of Best Practice for Judges and a KC Code of Best Practice for the Selection of Judges. These cover all aspects of the role, behaviour and standing of judges at all levels as well as the most effective and fair way of selecting judges and the drawing up of judging contracts.

The production of these documents has arisen after much discussion in the canine media regarding concerns over integrity and the role and responsibilities expected of a judge at any level. The KC Judges Department has also received a large postbag on the issue. In the light of the concerns raised, the Kennel Club has consulted widely regarding the best way forward.

As a result it has been decided that a KC Code of Best Practice should be published, which puts into words the Kennel Club’s expectations for judges across every discipline. This Code is complemented by a Code of Best Practice for the Selection of Judges – another document which will help clarify the process and will guide canine society committee members in the conduct of their responsibilities when choosing judges.

The Codes will be sent to all those on the various Kennel Club judges’ databases and canine society secretaries will be helping to distribute the judges code to non - championship judges. The Codes are available form the Kennel Club Publications Department, free of charge.