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SKC members face another meeting

The Scottish Kennel Club Executive Council met last Friday in Musselburgh, Edinburgh to discuss its ongoing problems. Members of the council were asked to confirm their full confidence in the Convener and Vice Convener and staff matters were also the focus of discussion with the appointment to the post of Secretary General of Mr Andy Kousourou, a former policeman from Uddingston in Lanarkshire and secretary of the Weimaraner Club of Scotland.

Mr Brian Marshall, an accountant and former Executive Council member himself has been appointment Treasurer. OUR DOGS understands that two office staff and one manager have also been appointed.

Council members were also asked to look at the content of the requisition for another SGM with the single proposal ‘that the Convener and Vice Convener be asked to resign from the Executive Council because of their mismanagement of the Club’s affairs’.


This meeting will now be held on Tuesday February 17th and in due course the members of the SKC will receive the calling notice and a four page message from the Executive giving background and prickly comment on the ‘press’s’ involvement in the club’s decline.

The delay in sending out the notice to members was justified on the basis that there will be a cost saving if the second SGM notice is sent out with the forthcoming AGM notice which is normally held on the last Thursday in March.

Two weeks ago The Kennel Club sought assurances from the SKC that everything was in place to run the forthcoming representative May show. Part of the statement said, ‘The Kennel Club has asked for detailed organisation charts and plans on how the SKC will be dealing with the following issues over the next few months. 1. The day to day management of the authority delegated by the KC to the SKC. 2. The secretarial administration for the forthcoming May SKC Championship Show 3. The management of the physical aspects of the show.

‘We have delegated certain powers to the SKC and wish to ensure the successful performance of this delegated authority, and to ensure reliable protection of the Kennel Club Challenge Certificates allocated to the SKC for its Representative Show.’

The SKC Executive Council meets again on February 11th, six days before the next Kennel club General Meeting, when the above is expected to be discussed at length.

The second SGM of the SKC will be held on the same day that the Kennel Club General Committee sits in judgement on its ability to run a fully representative championship show in May this year.