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Kennel Club places confidence in the group judges’ courses

The Kennel Club has signalled special recognition of judges who have attended and been assessed at a Kennel Club Group Judges’ Development Programme Workshop – and who have received a Pass with Credit.

These Programmes were instigated some three years ago and were initially organised for the Terrier, Hound and Gundog Groups with the Toy Group following later and the Utility, Working and Pastoral Groups coming on board during the course of last year. The aim of the Programmes is to develop the experience of previously approved Challenge Certificate judges in a further breed or breeds and the group itself where appropriate. The scheme, which can be accurately described as a Post Graduate course, involves discussion with breed experts and hands on judging practice with dogs. Workshops and seminars are being organised either by the national group societies, other well established registered societies or groups of KC accredited individuals.

The Kennel Club wishes to express its appreciation for the time and effort taken, and to congratulate all those concerned, on the high level of training and development achieved.

The Kennel Club is also appreciative of the numerous breed councils and clubs which have worked hand in hand with the organisers of the seminars and subsequently have incorporated successful candidates into their appropriate judging lists.


The Workshops are run in accordance with a comprehensive code of best practice which lays out criteria for the selection of lecturers. This also gives guidance on the conduct of hands-on sessions, the selection of quality dogs and the content of lectures. The assessment process is based upon the accuracy of critiques written on a minimum number of dogs, together with the views of a panel of experts on the candidate’s performance during the structured discussion groups. The assessment panels consist of previously approved and well-experienced group judges, breed experts and the relevant group representative from the Kennel Club’s Judges Sub-Committee. To achieve a Pass with Credit, candidates, who must already award Challenge Certificates to a certain number of breeds within the relevant group, must demonstrate a very high standard of knowledge and understanding of the breeds concerned.

In recognition of this high achievement level, and to demonstrate the Kennel Club’s confidence in these judges’ competency and increased level of knowledge of the breeds in question, the KC’s Judges’ Sub-Committee will now give special treatment to any questionnaire received for the awarding of Challenge Certificates by these judges for the breeds listed against their names. To underline further the Kennel Club’s confidence in these judges, those individuals, for the breeds in which they have received a credit pass, are now exempt from the Regulation which requires judges to be included on a breed council/club B judges’ list or above in order to judge more than three breed classes (5 classes for Stud Book Band E breeds) for a particular breed at Open Shows or non CC breeds at a Championship Show. This exemption is effective immediately.

It is hoped that breed clubs and show organisers will assist by recognising these judges, so that the pool of experienced multi-breed and group judges in the UK can be expanded in a structured and rational way.

A list of these judges will regularly appear in the Kennel Gazette