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Puppy sales demos a great success

AN ANTI-puppy farm group staged three successful demonstrations last Saturday as part of their ‘Day Of Action’ to highlight the puppy farm trade – in this case targeting retail outlets where puppies bred in Wales and Ireland are sold. Quite apart from the puppy farm angle, the retail sale of puppies is contrary to pet industry guidelines laid down by the trade’s governing body, the Pet Care Trust.

According to founder Mo Davie, the group A Dog’s Life three successful demos were held in Blackpool, Yalding, Kent and in Sutton, Surrey.

The demonstration in Sutton received good support from the public. The police again attended but did listen to a complaint from a lady who had bought a Boxer pup the previous week, which had fallen ill and which is still receiving veterinary treatment.

The demonstration in Blackpool was by far the most emotionally charged and ill tempered. An inspection of the shop was made the day before the demonstration by two members of the group on the pretext of buying a pup. They were shown upstairs to the ‘puppy room’. There they found pups lying in sawdust. A number of Labrador pups were suffering eye problems due to the dust. Dry food was evident in the pens but the water bowls were on a shelf outside the pens, apparently to prevent the pups from urinating or upsetting the bowls and soiling the sawdust.