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The British & Irish Dog Breeds Preservation Trust
moves forward

The inaugural meeting of the preservation trust held in May asked a small elected working committee to go and build upon the original objectives outlined at the meeting.

The working committee met in mid June and discussed at length these objectives. The group also came up with a number of options on how the Trust could be run in the future. Plus they discussed some of the logistical issues which resulted in some further actions that various members of the group are working on.

Trying to give as much notice as possible we would like to call another meeting to be held on Sunday 8th August at 2 pm. The location will be the same as the inaugural meeting at Leamington Hastings Village Hall, near Rugby. The purpose of the meeting will be to ratify the Aims and objectives of the Trust, the way the Trust is operated, membership of the Trust and who will be involved in running the Trust.

A number of people have become founder members of the Trust and I would like to ask anyone else who would be interested in becoming a founder member, then the opportunity is still there. The fee was set at a very reasonable £10. This has helped to raise a significant amount of money to date, however we would like more to help us start up the activities of the Trust. I would also like to thank all of those of you who have donated money so generiously.

I would also like to ask all of those of you that are owners of any of the 28 breeds, plus others that have expressed an interest to help us out. We would like to start building up a media library to be used for publicity of our breeds in a none show environment that would appeal to the general public, so any picture of the dogs doing cutes things, using their brains and of course showing their temperaments to the best with children. Plus anything else that might inspire. Plus it would be helpful to get a profile of your breeds on what activities they are involved in again other than showing and some interesting stories and their history as well.

I look forward to seeing the 50 or so people that attended the inaugural meeting as well as others that couldn’t attend, plus some new faces from other breeds that have an interest in what the Trust wants to achieve. For any further information about becoming a founder member or anything else related to the Trust then please don’t hesitate to contact me. For those of you that didn’t attend the inaugural meeting please contact me for directions to Leamington Hastings Village Hall.