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-- AKC Awards 23 Scholarships to Veterinary Students--

New York, NY – The American Kennel Club announced that 23 Veterinary Scholarships have been awarded to students from fifteen of the twenty-eight US accredited schools of veterinary medicine. These awards include three Chairman's awards of $15,000 each, three President's awards of $10,000 each, and seventeen AKC/CAR awards of $5,000 each.

“As a result of AKC Companion Animal Recovery (CAR) generously adding $100,000 to the funds available, we had a total of $160,000 to distribute to deserving veterinary students,” said Keith Frazier, Assistant Vice President of Audit and Control. “These scholarships will help defer the rising costs of veterinary school as these recipients pursue their canine-related careers.”

The AKC Scholarship Program for Veterinary Medicine has existed for 13 years, and the awards are given annually. The fund has gradually increased from $50,000 in 1991 to $160,000 today.

The 2004 Veterinary Scholarship Recipients are:

Chairman's Award $15,000.00

  • Christina Alanna Bradbury - University of California-Davis
  • Dana Lynn Clarke- University of Pennsylvania
  • Kristin Lee Rieser- University of Wisconsin-Madison

President's Award $10,000.00

  • Coral Ann Turman- North Carolina State University
  • Katie Marie Belz - Texas A& M
  • Allen Douglas Walter- University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


  • AKC/CAR Award $5,000.00

  • Rebecca Robinson- Auburn University
  • Brian Allen Ward- Auburn University
  • Katelyn Romeo- Cornell University
  • Laura Thompson- Colorado State University
  • Sharon Clare- North Carolina State University
  • Cassandra Norine Steed- Oregon State University
  • Kimberly Cary- Texas A & M University
  • Treyton Jai Diggs- Tuskegee University
  • Patrice Ellen Nicholas- University of California -Davis
  • James Jackson- University of Florida
  • Regina Howton- University of Florida
  • Erin L. Selllers- University of Florida
  • Lisha Lynn Whitaker- University of Georgia
  • Joellen Gregory- University of Minnesota
  • Keira Johanna Geithman- University of Pennsylvania
  • Tracy Hyer Wynder- University of Pennsylvania
Alanna Faith Webster- University of Tennessee