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Conflicting pleas entered at court

TWO MEN seized by Scottish police for illegally transporting dogs entered conflicting pleas of guilty and not guilty in court last week.

On Wednesday 30 June 2004 Darren Green (33) from Consett Co Durham and Steven Johnston (41) from Stanley, Co. Durham appeared in court over the transportation of puppies and greyhounds seized in 2003 at the port of Stranraer. A ‘Not Guilty’ plea was accepted from Green and Johnston submitted a guilty plea. Sentence was deferred until 3 August 2004 at the same court for background reports.

Ken McKie, secretary of the anti-puppy farming group WAG said: ‘WAG is delighted that yet another case has been dealt with. We only hope that on this occasion the Sheriff makes the punishment fit the crime. It is essential that the courts send out a strong message that such transportations will not be tolerated.

‘Hopefully this will also help stem the tide of puppies being transported in horrendous conditions until such times as the Scottish Parliament makes changes in the law.’