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Fiona sheds the pounds for ‘Dobermanns In Need’

A VOLUNTEER for the charity Dobermanns In Need is aiming to shed several pounds in weight in order to gain several pounds in cash for the benefit of the charity.

Fiona Schofield has agreed to undertake a ‘sponsored slim’ in order to raise funds for the benefit of rescued Dobermanns. Fiona has three stone in weight she hopes to shed (that is 42lbs!) and started the ‘slim’ on Thursday 17th June. Fiona is attending Weight Watchers, in North Hykeham, Lincoln. Weight Watchers will verify the total amount of weight Fiona loses between now and March of next year.


Fiona is the franchise ‘Puppy School’ Tutor for the Lincoln/South Nottinghamshire areas and her classes start this summer. The Puppy School course is written by internationally recognised animal behaviourist and founder of the Puppy School Gwen Bailey. The aim of Puppy School is to prevent behavioural problems amongst puppies and to encourage friendly, well-behaved dogs for the future. The course aims to teach dog owners how to bring their puppy up to be happy, well-behaved and friendly adult dog.

Dobermanns In Need is a specialist Dobermann rescue organisation, run by a small group of volunteers, dedicated to re-homing Dobermanns into suitable new homes. They receive no financial backing from the Government and, therefore, must rely entirely upon contributions received from the public.

Co-ordinator Amanda Houstoun says: "Each year the number of Dobermanns requiring our assistance rises and each year we find it harder to find the money to meet their needs.

Every dog taken in by Dobermanns In Need is provided a safe and warm place to sleep, nourishing meals, is neutered, identi-chipped, have vaccinations brought up to date and receive any veterinary treatment required. The Dobermanns in our care are carefully assessed before being placed into a suitable new home.

‘Dobermanns In Need covers the areas of Greater London and the South East of England. However, we are always more than happy to offer advice to anyone needing it, whatever the location. Should you live in the above areas, and are looking to home a Dobermann or would like advice regarding a Dobermann, please contact:–

Valerie McDonald: 01243 551602; Yvonne Thomson 01959 534489; Francis Adcock 01202 473468; Amanda Houston 01202 745890

‘We have fabulous Dobermanns in our care of all ages. All enquires are treated as individual. All potential homes are checked.’

Anyone interested in sponsoring Fiona Schofield in her sponsored slim or wishing to find out further details about her classes, please email Fiona Schofield at or visit the Puppy School website
Dobermanns In Need have several Dobermanns in their care at this time. These include:

Tommy - an energetic six month old dog; Buzz a four year old dog with one viable eye and looking for a new home and Rosie a ten year old bitch found as a stray and in need of love in her twilight years.

OUR DOGS would like to apologise for the mix-up and errors concerning this story in last week’s issue. We are happy to represent the fully corrected version here