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Good dog campaign up and running

A NEW online local authority programme for dog wardens has been launched by leading food manufacturers, Masterfoods. The Good Dog Campaign (GDC) online offers free resources and advice to help dog wardens promote responsible pet ownership in the community, created by Masterfoods and supported by the National Dog Wardens’ Association.
The GDC aims to:
l Help local authorities promote responsible dog ownership and reduce levels of indiscriminate dog fouling.
l Promote the positive aspects of dog ownership.
l Raise the profile and role of dog wardens in this area of work.
The new Good Dog Campaign website includes useful advice on how to set up a 'Good Dog' campaign, how to communicate the responsible pet ownership message and how to raise your profile in the local media. There are example case studies of previous 'Good Dog' campaigns that are very useful for ideas in this regard.
The website includes details on:
l Setting up a 'Good Dog' campaign - ideas for planning, running and evaluating an event in the community
l Communicating Responsible Pet Ownership advice on how to communicate the right message to different groups in the community e.g. school children
l Media profile - advice on how a group can raise the profile of its work in the local media
The ‘Roll of Honour’ - a series of success stories from Animal Welfare Offices who have conducted campaigns in their local area. If you are interested in entering future awards and being added to the GDC database email
If you would like to download or order any of the resources, or learn more about this initiative, visit the Good Dog Website: