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Meetings of the Commonwealth & European Kennel Clubs

Senior UK KC representatives and their counterparts from kennel clubs in Europe
pose for a group photo at the meeting in Paris

The Kennel Club has, for sometime, been seeking to encourage direct communication with its overseas’ counterparts, in order to consider and address political issues affecting dogs and dog owners across the world.

Over the last week the KC has organised and attended meetings to discuss a whole range of issues of mutual interest and concern that influence the world of dogs.

Firstly, on the 30th June and the 1st July, the Kennel Club hosted a meeting at Clarges Street entitled the ‘International Canine Political Forum’. This meeting was attended by the American Kennel Club, the New Zealand Kennel Club, the Maltese National Canine Federation, the Kennel Association of Sri Lanka, the Singapore Kennel Club and the Kennel Club of India.

Items of debate included dangerous dogs legislation, docking, legislation regarding the breeding of pedigree dogs, the PETS Travel Scheme, artificial insemination, open registers for hereditary disorders and the current position regarding participation and the popularity of dog related events.

On July 2nd., senior Kennel Club representatives travelled to Paris for a meeting of European kennel clubs, called jointly by the Societe Centrale Canine. Countries represented were the UK, France, Sweden, Germany, Latvia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg and Norway.

Items on this agenda were limited to external political matters including dangerous dogs, the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals, identification, lobbying of the European Parliament and cooperation regarding the sharing of information and databases.

Discussions were full, thorough and productive. A number of ideas and proposals will be taken forward and it is envisaged that future meetings will be arranged and additional announcements made regarding the initiatives, once work is under way.

Said Ronnie Irving, KC Chairman, "Over the last week we have met our counterparts from all over the world, due to our shared interest in dogs and our desire to work for their continuous improvement globally. We were particularly encouraged to find a great deal of common ground. With the spread of anti-dog legislation throughout the globe and ever increasing influence from the European Parliament, it is in all our interests as Kennel Clubs to ensure that we do not become isolated and unaware of what exactly is occurring around us in society."

Ronnie concluded, "We all agreed the need to work together to formulate policies that will help us shape and protect the future of dogs and dog owners and to fulfil our aims. We need to share our individual experiences to help us plan for the future and to provide the dog lobby with greater credibility and influence with the various European parliamentarians. This will ensure that we are part of the decision making process."