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Pets As Therapy

PAT Dog Damon is the new Emmerdale ‘Star’.

To star alongside Patsy Kensit would be a dream for many people, however, the one sharing Patsy’s ‘on screen’ affections in Emmerdale is eight-year-old Bullmastiff Damon.

Kingsreach James Barrie Via Ultraglen, who plays the part of Damon (also his pet name in real life), is certainly kept very busy.

When not ‘acting’ on the Emmerdale set his owner Julie Carter take him on Pets As Therapy visits to SENSE where the service users are all either deaf, blind or both.

Damon gives them the opportunity to stroke him, touch being extremely important particularly for the blind. Some also delight in going for a walk with PAT dog Damon who is also a success in the show ring, gaining his Stud Book number, winning his class at Crufts this year and winning his Veteran class at every show he has been entered for including Best Veteran at the Northern Bullmastiff Championship Show last November. It was through the Secretary of this club Mrs Dot Massey that Damon became involved in Emmerdale. No-one realized at the time how much Damon would feature in the storyline. Either in the studio or on location Damon copes well with some difficult situations. Sometimes space is extremely limited.

In some scenes he has been asked to do things he has never done before but so far he has done all that is asked of him, with one exception.Damon does not bark and the storyline required him to bark. The problem was solved when Julie took Damon’s great nephew Alfie along as he barks on command, so Alfie did a voice over (or should that be bark over) for Damon. Whether staring in Emmerdale, visiting as a PAT dog, or competing in the show ring it is clear that Damon’s impeccable temperament has made him a wonderful ambassador for the Bullmastiff breed.

Damon’s owner Julie said "Damon has always been a special dog, he has always made me so proud of him. I love the boy to bits". Maureen Hennis n