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Coventry Ladies’ KS to hold first ever adult handling final

On the 1st January, Coventry LKS made history by holding the first ever Premier Show. Now, thanks to Anne Defaye and her committee members, the society - who have for years held 3 well-attended Adult Handling classes at their January Open Show & September Limited Show every year - are to hold the FIRST ever Adult Handling Final. As permission has just been granted by the Kennel Club details and arrangements can now be made. The sponsor for this history-making event is Fosse Data Systems Ltd.

It means that now the first three from each Adult Class held by Open and Limited Shows will now be able to go forward to a Grand Final. It is planned that the final will take place next year and that handlers who obtained placings from shows starting 1st January 2004 will be included.

Can any secretaries who have held Adult Handling classes or plan to do so in the future please contact Christine Owen 0121 384 4991 or email