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Dog stolen in cage

A HEARTBROKEN family are seeking the return of their pedigree Staffordshire Bull Terrier that was stolen by burglars. The five month-old bitch was penned in a dog cage ands the thieves ignored three adult dogs, but took the puppy and cage.

Owner, Chris Kerrigan, told OUR DOGS: "We came home from work on June 30th to find our house had been broken into. The thieves had completely smashed a UPVC window frame and entered our house mainly, we think, to steal our van. They also took jewellery, cash cameras and computer equipment. Bad enough you might think but they also took our 5 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier but ignored the three adult dogs. Police expressed sympathy but were not too interested until they found the van had been used later in a serious crime."

Chris and her partner alerted as many agencies as possible about Ruby’s theft and in the process were shocked to find how many other people had experienced similar dog thefts.

‘We logged on to as many missing dog sites as possible and was shocked to discover pages and pages of missing dogs,’ says Chris. ‘This dog did not get out by accident she was stolen.
We can only ask ourselves why is this not being taken seriously by the authorities.’

The puppy’s kennel name is Elvinor Benita at Leadstaffs, her pet name is Ruby. The thieves were probably unaware, but Ruby is microchipped.

Anyone with information pertaining to Ruby or her whereabouts can contact Chris Kerrigan on 0151 46 7516 or 07753 984509.