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Dogues have fun
– and raise funds for charity

THE DOGUE de Bordeaux Club of Great Britain held a most successful companion show in aid of breed rescue on 13th June 2004. It was a lovely day, with a good entry of 96 dogs in total, 78 of them being Bordeaux, raising £531 for the Bordeaux rescue.

The quality of the dogs present was surprisingly good, with a good amount of uniformity of breed type. I wish this was the case with my own breed which has been shown for a much longer period.

Best puppy in show was Spike el Vanquento , 6 months old, golden dog took my eye as soon as he entered the ring, lovely head, good dimensions, correct stop, correct ear carriage, nice mouth and just the right amount of wrinkle. Moved with drive for a baby, on such an uneven ground, will look forward to following his show career.

Best Bitch and ResBIS was Emberez Aphrodite, a 19 month old mahogany bitch. Good broad skull, nice short square muzzle, well placed eyes with good expression. Well wrinkled not over done for a bitch, well muscled body with good front and good typical Dogue de Bordeaux movement.

Best Dog and Best in show was Goldy Boy, a 20 month old mahogany dog, tremendous head with characteristic expression and appearance. Good skull, broad and short with correct circumference, stop forming a correct right angle. Excellent muzzle, square and abrupt. Nice powerful jaw, correct mouth, good oval eyes set well apart. Correct ear carriage, not exceeding the corner of the eye, good sloping shoulders, heavily muscled legs, good depth of brisket, good top line, correct croupe, well muscled hind quarters, moved well, covered the ground with ease.

N J McGeary