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New York, NY – I’m pleased to report that the AKC, along with hundreds of our clubs and other pet-related organizations, is well into the planning of the second annual “AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day.” Proclaimed by the Board as September 17th (the date of AKC’s founding in 1884), this event focuses on celebrating the benefits of dog ownership and educating the public about the myriad of responsibilities that go along with it.

As a major priority of our ongoing public education efforts, the AKC devotes resources to responsible dog ownership outreach year-round. However, by instituting this special campaign, we are able to bring more attention to the issue by calling on our clubs--and the many other organizations that have a vested interest in the cause--to host local events during the month of September that publicly promote the issue.

With over 200 events held last year, our inaugural AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day was a resounding success. We expect the momentum and excitement to grow each year. As of this writing, we again have over 200 organizations from across the country signed on, including AKC clubs, veterinary hospitals, animal shelters and 4-H groups, and additional events are being confirmed each day.

In addition to the local events being planned, the AKC will celebrate in New York City and Raleigh on Saturday, September 18 th. Both events, held in nearby parks, will incorporate CGC testing, microchipping, various canine demonstrations, health information and of course, give dog lovers the opportunity to learn more about purebred dogs and the AKC.

By establishing AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day as a national, annual observance, we accomplish many things. We give our clubs an opportunity to showcase their ongoing contributions to their communities, raise awareness about the many programs and services offered by the AKC that are intrinsic to responsible dog ownership, bring attention to some difficult issues in a positive way, and most importantly, demonstrate to the public the tremendous commitment that the fancy has to our dogs, our communities and to helping dog owners be thoughtful and involved pet owners.

If you have not already planned an event with your club, I urge you to consider doing so. The AKC Communications department is accepting events for listing on our site until August 1 st. So, whether you host or attend an AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day event this September, I hope we can count on your support!

For more information on AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day, including a full listing of events by state visit or contact