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Breeders defiant over proposed docking ban

Dog breeders remain defiant and determined in the face of proposals contained within the Government’s newly released Animal Welfare Bill which could ban tail docking.

The draft Bill, released for consultation today provides DEFRA Ministers with the power to ban what it describes as ‘mutilations’ to dogs, a move clearly aimed at prohibiting docking.

"This is a complete turnaround by DEFRA," said Ginette Elliott, Secretary of the Council of Docked Breeds. It is less than six months since Ben Bradshaw MP publicly acknowledged that society allows human circumcision and that therefore any change to the law on docking should be sensible, useful, meaningful and not overdraconian. These proposals fly in the face of those comments."

"Dog breeders, who spend countless hours caring for their animals, regard it as an affront to see themselves described as ‘mutilators’ of animals, as do the many veterinary surgeons who support docking. The language of this Bill is gratuitously offensive to large numbers of decent people who have nothing but the welfare of their dogs at heart,"

The Council of Docked Breeds has warned that any prohibition on tail docking will leave large numbers of dogs open to painful tail damage which in many cases can be treated only by partial amputation of the injured tail.

But breeders remained defiant, said Ginette Elliott. "This is only just another stage in an ongoing battle. I have no doubt that huge numbers of dog breeders and owners will respond to this consultation and let the Government know exactly what they think of legislation that would expose dogs to more cruel and unnecessary injury, not less. This is not so much a draft Bill as a daft Bill."

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