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Hip Hip Hurray! September is arthritis awareness month

The Hip Hip Hurray canine arthritis awareness campaign aims to get Britain’s dogs back on their feet! Through education, awareness and support caring pet owners can discover everything they need to know about the condition – prevention, signs and treatment.

Over one million dogs in the U.K. suffer from osteoarthritis. And just like human sufferers, they experience pain, stiffness and lack of mobility. Owners may simply think lameness is due to old age and as dogs don’t express their pain in quite the same way, many could be suffering in silence.

Veterinary practices up and down the country will be registering their support for Canine Arthritis Awareness Month in September. Make an appointment with your vet for an arthritis check.

Charlie Dimmock, TV gardener and animal lover has enthusiastically backed the campaign. "It seems far too many dogs in this country go untreated for osteoarthritis and are possibly suffering unnecessarily. I will certainly be taking Teddy my family’s much loved elderly dog along for a check up – he is nearly 10 years old and gets stiff joints after sleeping, so we should get him checked. I advise anyone who is worried about their pet’s mobility to do the same – one phone call could change your dog’s life!"

The HIP HIP HURRAY web site goes live August 1st and will offer a great source of information on canine arthritis – tips, treatment and care. A canine arthritis self-assessment questionnaire created to help owners identify symptoms and assist the vet with his initial examination can be downloaded from the site or picked up at participating practices.

Call the HIP HIP HURRAY hotline 0870 1999 450
to identify your nearest participating veterinary practice.

Join Charlie Dimmock live online on Monday 16th August from 3pm - 4pm.

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